December 2016

Welcome to Kevin, Kurtis and Yuyang - our new lab members!

August 2016

Congratulations Matt for a successful Ph.D. defense! Best of luck with everything!

April 2016

Congratulations to Liz and Claire for being awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

March 2016

We just moved into our newly renovated labs!

March 2016

The lab welcomes Xin He! Xin is visiting us from and will be working with hexanuclear clusters for a few months!

February 2016

The lab says goodbye to Korbinian as he heads back to Germany to defend his PhD!

Janurary 2016

The lab welcomes Prof. Christine Thomas from Brandeis University who is spending the semester in our lab!

Janurary 2016

The lab says goodbye to Alex as he leaves for a job at Johnson Matthey!

Janurary 2016

Congratulations Diana for her paper published in JACS this month! Check out how she characterizes the electronic structure and reactivity of a di-iron(II) complex reaturing a bridging imido moiety

Janurary 2016

Congratulations to Raul and Amymarie for their paper in JACS detailing the electronic structure of an [Fe3] anion! See our publication list for the link!

Janurary 2016

Goodbye Raul, and good luck at Columbia!

December 2015

Raul had a very prolific 2015! You can find his work detailing the electronic structure of hexanuclear clusters in two articles published in JACS and one in Angewandte! See our publication list for links.

December 2015

Welcome to Claire, Liz and Justin - our newest graduate students!

June 2015

Welcome to Dr. Chris Caputo!

March 2015

The group welcomes Dr. Jaesung Kwak!