January 2015

Welcome to our newest members Sasha, Soohyun and Yun!

May 2014

Prof. Betley has been awarded tenure!

January 2014

Welcome to our new graduate students, Aykut, Amymarie, Claudia, and Crissy!

December 2013

Dr. Alexandre Mikhailine joins the group, hailing from the Morris group at University of Toronto!

October 2013

The group says good-bye to our graduates Drs. Graham Sazama, Austin Scharf, Tamara Powers, and Libby Hennessy. Best of luck to you all!

August 28, 2013

Tamara demonstrates the synthesis and characterization of open-shell, bimetallic trinuclear clusters in JACS!

July, 18 2013

Tamara tests the polynuclear hypothesis in her work featured in JACS!

June 2013

The group welcomes Dr. Gabriel Ménard and Dr. Martin Nielsen to the lab!

March 12, 2013

Libby's work on complex N-heterocycle formation via direct C-H bond amination catalyzed by iron complexes is featured in Science!

April 23, 2013

Emily highlights metal atom lability in polynuclear complexes in Inorganic Chemistry!

April 5, 2013

Welcome Dr. Gabriel Ménard from Doug Stephan's group at University of Toronto!

January 2013

Welcome to Diana Iovan and Brian Malbrecht - our two newest Betley Lab graduate students!

September 19, 2012

Emily demonstrates the site-isolated redox activity of her trinuclear iron complex and the group presents thorough characterization of trinuclear cobalt and manganese complexes in two new IC papers!

May 4, 2012

Emily defends her Ph.D. dissertation "Magnetism, Reactivity and Metal Ion Lability in Trigonal Iron Clusters" to become the second graduate from the group!

May 3, 2012

Evan defends his Ph.D. dissertation "Metal-Ligand Multiple Bonds in High-Spin Complexes" and becomes the first graduate from the Betley group!

April 2012

Matt wins an NSF Graduate Fellowship, congratulations!

Libby wins the 2012 Fieser award for inorganic chemistry at Harvard! We can't wait to hear her award lecture!

March 2012

Congratulations to Alison and Dave for accepting professorships at University of Illinois and Northwestern!

December 2011

Denise, Matt and Benji joined the group!

October 2011

Emily and Dave’s publication demonstrates the ability to modulate the magnetic behavior via ligand-field effects on triiron clusters!

September 2011

Alison, Kin and Dianne report on the JACS publication the μ6-oxido and -nitrido functionalities on an octahedral Mn6 cluster!

August 2011

Reactivity of the Fe6 octahedral core is demonstrated in the paper “Multi-Site Reactivity: Reduction of Six Equivalents of Nitrite To Give an Fe6(NO)6 Cluster with a Dramatically Expanded Octahedral Core” published by Dave in JACS!

July 2011

Graham’s second paper, on the “Reductive coupling of CO Templated by Iron Bound to the Tris(pyrrolide)ethane Scaffold is published in Organometallics!

June 2011

Austin’s paper on the “Electronic Perturbations of Iron Dipyrrinato Complexes via Ligand Halogenation and meso-Fluorination” is published in IC!

Welcome to the newest undergrads, Ryan and Laszlo- and to Nadia, visiting for the summer from Brown!

May 2011

Chris and Dianne graduate - congratulations!

Dave, Kin and Raúl publish “Expanded Redox Accessibility via Ligand Substitution in an Octahedral Fe6Br6 Cluster” in Chem Commun!

Dianne wins a Hoopes Prize for her outstanding thesis, entitled “Taming Manganese: Synthesis and Characterization of Trinuclear and Hexanuclear Manganese Clusters.” Go Dianne!

Kin and Dave’s paper, “[(HL)2Fe6(NCMe)m]n+ (m = 0, 2, 4, 6; n = -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6): An Electron-Transfer Series Featuring Octahedral Fe6 Clusters Supported by a Hexaamide Ligand Platform” is published in JACS!

March 2011

Evan and Libby’s paper, “Catalyitic C-H Bond Amination from High-Spin Iron Imido Complexes” is published in JACS

February 2011

Tamara's paper, "Oxidative Group Transfer to a Triiron Complex to Form a Nucleophilic μ3-Nitride, [Fe33-N)]-" is published in JACS

January 2011

Welcome to our newest undergrad, Annie!

Kin's paper, "Synthesis and Redox Properties of Tri-Iron Complexes Featuring Strong Fe-Fe Interactions" is published in Angewandte

December 2010

Two new G1s joined the lab: Raul and Danielle!

September 2010

Welcome two new undergrads, Chris & Art!

August 2010

Welcome Dr. David Harris from Jeff Long's group at UC Berkeley!

June 2010

Doug joins just in time for the summer!

May 2010

Guy and Max graduate!

February 2010

Alison is awarded a prestigious Ruth Kirschstein NIH Fellowship! Congrats!

January 2010

Graham's paper, "Ligand-Centered Redox Activity: Redox Properties of 3d Transition Metal Ions Ligated by the Weak-Field Trianion" is published in IC

September 2009

Welcome Dianne and Polina to the ranks!

Evan's paper, "Unusual Electronic Structure of First Row Transition Metal Complexes Featuring Redox-Active Dipyrromethane Ligands" is published in JACS

June, 2009

Welcome Danielle Raad - our visiting undergrad scholar from Brown University!

May 2009

Barrett graduates - congratulations and good luck!

March 2009

Welcome Dr. Alison Fout from Dan Mindiola's group at Indiana University!

February 2009

Evan's paper "C-H Bond Amination from a Ferrous Dipyrromethene Complex" is published in Inorganic Chemistry

December, 2008

Welcome Austin, Graham, Libby and Tamara! (and Evan - but he's been here a while...)

Emily is selected as one of the Graduate Consortium on Energy and the Environment Fellows - Congrats!

Welcome Dr. Mathieu Lalonde from Eric Jacobsen's group!

October, 2008

Allison Fout receives prestigious Mary Fieser Postdoctoral Fellowship!

August, 2008

Kin and Evan give talks at the ACS meeting in Philly

Summer 2008

Undergrad ranks include Guy, Barrett, and Max for the summer

January 2008

Emily, Michael, and Barrett joined the lab for the Spring term

October 2007

Kin arrived upon completing her PhD at Texas A&M

July 2007

Evan and Guy join the group